Daycare Magic Shows featuring puppets :Andover ,North andover, lawrence

Steve Devitt and Razzle Rabbit at Kidstart

Steve offers a variety of programs for daycare centers and preschools

  1.    The Farm and Zoo Animal  Puppets and Magic show ! The show is about 42 minutes . It is fun show featuring  sing along songs about the farm and zoo ! The theme of the magic is about the farm and zoo also ! The magic is geared to the age of the children. There are plenty of puppets  : a marionette panda bear, a colorful bird puppet, and Razzle Rabbit !  The fee is 100.00.

           "Hello Mr. Steve, Thank you so much for coming to our center ! The children were thrilled to have you to have such a wonderful entertainer. I took a few pictures i wanted to share with you.

Thank you again for a really great morning. 


School age coordinator

Kidstart Lawrence

  • 2  The Magic of Books !- Steve and Razzle are looking for a reader ! Using magic ,Steve shows there is magic in books !  There will be mixed up fairy tales with Razzle Rabbit and Steve .  There is music about reading also ! Plenty of magic and fun with the children. The show is 30 minutes and the fee is 100.00
  • 3. The Magic  & Puppets Fun Show !  The magic and fun show for daycare and preschools features Razzle Rabbit and Ruffington the Dog.  It is a fun and relaxing show . It is fast past .The  magic and comedy is family friendly. The magic is geared to the children. It is 30 minutes , Show fee is 100.00

Who's in the Zoo !

Join  Steve Devitt and his puppet friends for a fun zoo theme show  !

It features Razzle Dazzle the Magic Rabbit, Tooley the Toucan, and Peter Panda Bear !

The Great Zoo Escape !

 The Tale of Tiny the Tiger !

And plenty fun and laughter 

Who 's in the Zoo is 30 minutes and the fee is 100.00 

More Testimonials

 Dear Steve,

   We can't thank you enough  for doing your magic year after year . By giving the gift of magic to our children, you remind us all that life itself is magical ! Thank you so much !

Your friends at Pathways

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