Daycare and Preschool shows -Magic & Puppets by Steve

Steve Devitt and Razzle Rabbit at Kidstart

Steve offers a variety of programs for daycare centers and preschools

  1.    The Farm and Zoo Animal  Puppets and Magic show ! The show is about 42 minutes . It is fun show featuring  sing along somgs about the farm and zoo ! The theme of the magic is about the farm and zoo also ! The magic is geared to the age of the children. There are plenty of puppets  : a marionette panda bear, a collorful bird puppet, and Razzle Rabbit !  The fee is 100.00.

           "Hello Mr. Steve, Thank you so much for coming to our center ! The children were thrilled to have you to have such a wonderful entertainer. I took a few pictures i wanted to share with you.

Thank you again for a really great morning. 


School age coordinator

Kidstart Lawrence

  • 2  The Magic of Books !- Steve and Razzle are looking for a reader ! Using magic ,Steve shows there is magic in books !  There will be mixed up fairy tales with Razzle Rabbit and Steve .  There is music about reading also ! Plenty of magic and fun with the children. The show is 30 minutes and the fee is 100.00
  • 3. The Magic  & Puppets Fun Show !  The magic and fun show for daycare and preschools features Razzle Rabbit and Ruffington the Dog.  It is a fun and relaxing show . It is fast past .The  magic and comedy is family friendly. The magic is geared to the children. It is 30 minutes , Show fee is 100.00

Who's in the Zoo !

Join  Steve Devitt and his puppet friends for a fun zoo theme show  !

It features Razzle Dazzle the Magic Rabbit, Tooley the Toucan, and Peter Panda Bear !

The Great Zoo Escape !

and plenty of laughter and fun !

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More Testimonials

 Dear Steve,

   We can't thank you enough  for doing your magic year after year . By giving the gift of magic to our children, you remind us all that life itself is magical ! Thank you so much !

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