Where i will be performing

                  June 7th,Private party ,North Andover

                  June 9th,Mall Tots ,Liberty Tree Mall for literacy fair .

                  June 22,2013 3-5pm at Frozyos in Salem NH

                  July 4th 1:30 pm North Andover Common ,North Andover

                 July 15-21st VentHaven Ventriloquist Convention

                August 18th,2013- Private party

                September 8th- 11:00 am Kids Day Peabody International Festival .

               October 19th 11-4pm Hudson Pumpkin Festival .12:00pm Magic show featuring ventriloquism with Razzle Rabbit


April 12th- Private party ,2-3pm.Alice in Wonderland Tea Party.
May 3rd-12:00 PM -12:30PM Fall Brook Family Fun Fair ,Fall Brook Elemenatry School ,Leominster

   June 21 Bruce Mccury's Martial Arts 8-30pm.
  July 14 th- Tewksbury Hosptial 11 am -11 45am
  July 15-20th Venthaven Convention,Kentucky       August 2nd and 9th -private party September 14th-Peabody International Festival Kids Day ,rain date 22nd   

d October 18,2014 Hudson Pumpkin Festival October 31,2014 Halloween Party Martial Arts Studio December 13th-Christmas party

March 3 -Purim Festival North Andover 
June 13-Bruce Mccory Mattial Arts
July 14th-Convention 
September 20 ,Rain date 9/27 Peabody International Festival Kidss Day.12 noon
December 4th-Christmas show for Fidelity Home Services
December 12 -Family celebration show


 Match 17h -Over The Raiinbow Learning Center Reading Mass
 March 25- Bruce Mccorys Martial Arts 
 April 22- Head Start school vacation shows
 Aptil 27 Head Start book fair 
 April 28 Head Start book fair
 June 30      Majestic Harbor Preschool 
July 11-17 Convention
   July 10th Private birthday party
  July 27- Stepping Stones Learning Center Paxton Mass
  July 28th-Daycare show Templeton Mass
  August 5th- St Michaels School Summer Camp

 September 11-Peabody International Festival Kids Day